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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Holiday With Direct TV

Entertainment are important thing in our life. Entertainment can make people more enjoy their life. When they have passed their routine activity, people almost get a stress condition. They spend their time for 5 days per week with their jobs. Thinking about how to get money or get their career make their head become stress. So, almost of them take an entertainment in their weekends. Go to beach, go to theater, go to shopping or another things to refreshing their mind. Some people just watch a TV in their holiday weekends.

Watching TV can be an alternative decision to spend a weekends. It is the best choice for somebody who doesn't have a much time or money. But it is not a big problem. Watching TV can make refresh our mind too. Of course if you are watching the right, good and interesting program. You can get this with DirectTV. Directtv offering a lot of interactive program that you can watch. Direct TV System is television delivered by the means of communications satellite and received by a satellite dish and set-top box. In many areas of the world it provides a wide range of channels and services, often to areas that are not serviced by terrestrial or cable providers.
The first satellite television signal was relayed from Europe to the Telstar satellite over North America in 1962. The first geosynchronous communication satellite, Syncom 2 was launched in 1963. The world's first commercial communication satellite, called Intelsat I (nicknamed Early Bird), was launched into synchronous orbit on April 6, 1965. The first national network of satellite television, called Orbita, was created in Soviet Union in 1967, and was based on the principle of using the highly elliptical Molniya satellite for re-broadcasting and delivering of TV signal to ground downlink stations. The first domestic North American satellite to carry television was Canada’s geostationary Anik 1, which was launched in 1972. ATS-6, the world's first experimental educational and Direct Broadcast Satellite, was launched in 1974. The first Soviet geostationary satellite to carry Direct-To-Home television, called Ekran, was launched in 1976.
Ref. Wikipedia
A lot of directtv provider that we can choose for your home. You can use google search engine to find it. But if you doesn't want to spend your time to search it, there is one Direct TV provider that you can look, MYTV Option. They have a special offers, 5 month free. This package have more than 265 channels that you can watch. You can get NFL Sunday ticket only $59.99/month for 5 month in this special offers. You can see a local channel that are available in your area. For example, local channels that are available through Direct TV New York in New York NY 10001 are:

2CBSWCBS AvailableAvailable
21PBSWLIW AvailableAvailable
25PBSWNYE AvailableAvailable
41UniWXTV AvailableAvailable
5FOXWNYW AvailableAvailable
55IndWLNY AvailableAvailable
68TFTWFUT AvailableAvailable
9MNTWWOR AvailableAvailable

Direct TV is one of home entertainment that is not just for one person, but it can be for everybody in your home. So you can cut your holiday budgets.

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Daniel DPK on September 29, 2009 at 11:21 PM said...

nic epost..more option for people to get acces for entertainment..perhaps direct tv will give viewers another point of views towards entertaiment and news...


Lata on September 30, 2009 at 1:12 AM said...

cring cring cring $$$$$$$$

posting = traktir :)

mas... link nya saya pasang yah...
semoga berkenan memasang link saya juga di sini.. terimakasih :)

sewa komputer on September 30, 2009 at 10:46 AM said...

visit to website, i want to know about bisnis..thanx

NURA on September 30, 2009 at 11:12 AM said...

salam friend
nice info
I know get holiday with direct TV,coz read article your blog.

I follow you
salam from NURA.

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