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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Dream Car

My Dream CarLook a picture. It is nice car right? I wonder to have this car. It is Toyota Highlander. Toyota, is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan and the world's largest automaker. It is also the largest in US sales. At its peak, Toyota employed approximately 320,000 people worldwide. And i think you like Toyota car too.

But it is not a original design. You will accept different style when you buy this car from dealer. You need to add some accessories and make a modification for your car. In that picture you will see grill guards. Grill guards is one of car accessories. You will make your car more have nice look when you installed it.

Like a grill guards, it can make your car more tough. There are another Toyota accessories, like a spoiler, wheels, wind deflectors, muffler and another accessories. Of course you will need more budget to add the accessories into your car. But, maybe you must know where you can buy the good accessories with a cheap price. Try to find what you looking for in Carid.Com. There are a lot of nice accessories for your car with a good price.
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kcatwoman on March 25, 2010 at 12:36 PM said...

it's a nice choice. i noticed you like big vans. i still like toyota brands even with the recent recalls. i think they still have a good brand. as for me, i like small cars, like the jazz of honda and another small car from suzuki. hav a nice day!


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