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Friday, March 26, 2010

Would you like a link that is worth $10K?

Would you like a link that is worth $10.000? This offer is as straight as it could ever be. And yes, this is a link bait. Nevertheless, it is still a win-win proposal. At the left part you can see a single link. This link is direct, dofollow and it points to some website. The whole process looks as follows: a user signs up and bids for a link, specifying his URL, the desired anchor text, and the contact details. The current bid price is automatically increased by $1 and is saved as a bid of this user. No payment is required at this step. The submitted link is placed online as a direct dofollow link visible to any human visitor or a bot. When is somebody have a bid with higher value, the link will change with new one.

If a bid stays unbeaten for 10 days, that is, if a timer of 10 days runs down to zero, the user who placed the last bid receives a notification by e-mail telling him that he is a winner and that he should make a payment in the amount of the current bid to make his link permanent. The offer ends when a winner claims his rights and makes a payment of his current bid. His link becomes permanent and the offer becomes closed. No further bids are accepted after that.

This program offer by CleverStat.Com. It was said before that it is win-win solution. You can put your link in their web, of course in high traffic and rank. And they receive donation from you.
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